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More than 350,000 people lie buried within Forest Lawn’s 300-plus acres.

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EugeC, San Diego, California.


The grounds cling to the steep slope of the Verdugo Mountains, and the grave markers. Danny Gans (1956–2009), singer, actor, comedian, impressionist [78] Allen Garfield (1939–2020), actor. .


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Though a bunch of celebrities are buried in Los Angeles, there are a lot of big names out in the Palm Springs area, too. There are several star-studded cemeteries to choose from in Los Angeles area.

Eaton took over its management in 1917.

The staff at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills are mostly helpful and willing to point out the stars you are looking to visit.

Or they just prefered to live away from the Hollywood scene. History Hunters visits some of the graves of the famous at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.

Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills is located close to Griffith Park, this idyllic landscape showcases a. It really is breathtaking.

Note: Some cemeteries provide directions to their most famous markers.

Laid to Rest in California: a guide to the cemeteries and grave sites of the rich and famous.

Unlike their sister cemetery Forrest Lawn Glendale which treats their dead like you were a grave robber.

It's just south of San Francisco - and the last resting place of famous,. Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard, where we set out to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived to entertain us, by visiting their final resting plac. 5 Dec 1901 – 15 Dec 1966.

. / (323) 254-7251 or (818) 984-1711 The Forest Lawn memorial parks are renowned for the many movie stars buried there, so I suppose it's appropriate that this Forest Lawn in. we have visited famous. . . B.

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Cypress Lawn is a late 19th Century cemetery full of spectacular angels, over-the-top mausoleums. .

Forest Lawn Cemetery is one of the prettiest fairytale places of rest I've ever seen.



It is a peaceful place to visit with much to see and.