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• Verify circuit breaker rating or fuse.

Set tUnparam. Description.


setting tables, page 112.

. . V312 programming manual, the parameter [AO1 Type] AO1t to set the value OA.

The parameter is reset after the drive is disconnected and then reconnected.

1 Verify the delivery of the drive •. . setting tables, page 112.

EIO0000003818 05/2019 9 About the Book At a Glance Document Scope Use this document to configure the EtherNet/IP connection of the Modicon devices. A2 - ATV312 Programming Manual.



. Set motor parameters • Refer to the motor nameplate for the following parameter settings.

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This manual describes the functions, parameters and use of the drive terminal (integrated display terminal, optional graphic di splay terminal and optional remote terminal).

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Product Ranges: Altivar 312 Altivar 312 Solar.

• To locate the description of a function quickly, use the index of functions on page 111. . Parameters: Displays all the device adjustment parameters, shown in a table or in bthe form of diagrams Faults: Displays a list of the faults that may be.

If (IPL) is set to factory setting, the drive. . 8 mb) Document title Date Version Languages. This manual is delivered with the drive. ATV312 Solar Simplified Manual S1B63488 01 - Free download as PDF File (.

Ds, with a compact smart relay ZELIO Logic.

. ATV312 Programming Manual en BBV46385 04 - Free download as PDF File (.

Wire power part • Wire the drive to the ground.

The motor current has to be set on Motor thermal current ItH parameter page 94.


• Wire the drive to the motor.

manual device.